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Alex Gomez - Warm Sensations

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 7 / 11 / 2006

Alex Gomez - Warm Sensations
Label: Ago Publishing
Format: CD


Finely-played, but dull-sounding new recording from Texan stoner/blues/rocker Alex Gomez

'Warm Sensation' is Texan stoner/blues/rocker Alex Gomez’s latest chilled out offering. Gomez plays the sort of music that may be better appreciated in certain conditions that have little bearing on real medical terms or prescription drugs. With titles such as ‘Jellyroll Cupcake’, ‘Midnight Rendezvous’ and ‘Sookie Sheila’ it’s not hard to see what kind of a musical ‘trip’ you are in for. While that is fine for anyone in such a state, anything can sound good, and this album seems to fall a little close to that most of the time. Although 'Warm Sensations' has plenty of charm to it, for me it just didn’t seem enough, and many of the high positive points I took from the album were also the let downs. It is a wonderful blend of one man and guitar with no other distractions. Fantastically raw in it’s production, which is admirable, it’s clear that Gomez doesn’t have to rely on gimmicks, fancy post production, or band mates for that matter. But this seemed at times to be what was lacking. There’s only so far a song can build up such as in the case of ‘Girls Go Wild’ and have a good structure to it, but you really feel like there’s a whole band missing when nothing else but the electric guitar seems to be making noise. Tracks such as ‘Baby Momma’, ‘Jellyroll Cupcake’ and ‘Valerie’ could be great tunes if there were a whole band to back up the lone cowboy and his hollowing guitar. While there are plenty of moments that remind you of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion there 'Warm Sensations' doesn't have the same impact, although in all fairness when accompanied by just an amp and guitar and a lot of distortion that might be just about impossible. The guitar playing is impressive for the most part although you do wonder how it would really sound if somebody was to confiscate Mr Gomez’s distortion peddle. ‘Guitar Man’ in particular is is quite a good little blues number, but you really cannot help but think that you’ve heard similar played much better before. I would be intrigued to hear what would this would sound like if Alex were to go out and get some mates to play with him but for me it just seemed to lack too much to keep my attention.

Track Listing:-
1 Bayou City
2 Sookie Sookie Sheila
3 Girls Go Wild
4 Boogie Shack
5 Jellyroll Cupcake
6 Valerie
7 Midnight Rendezvous
8 Baby Momma
9 Her Name Is Pain
10 Guitar Man

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