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Russian Futurists - Me, Myself and Rye

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 2 / 10 / 2006

Russian Futurists - Me, Myself and Rye
Label: Memphis Industries
Format: CD


Sometimes exciting, sometimes dull electro pop compilation from Canadian musician Matthew Adem Hart, who has now released four albums under the nom de plume of the Russian Futurists

First of all, let me begin by saying that this is a hard record to review. While listening the 13 songs included on this compilation, I went from liking it quite a lot to just thinking that it was boring. Matthew Adam Hart, which is the real name of the Canadian musician and the man behind this music, used to be a hip hop producer, and on some tracks, I can hear some traces of his past, especially in songs like 'Precious Metals', but when the Russian Futurists is at their/his very best, I can instead hear some influences from the Magnetic Fields, and that’s much better in my book. This CD didn’t make me run to my local record shop (or maybe nowadays, run to the nearest computer) to check out Matthew’s four albums so far, but it did provide me with some songs that might make their way on to a mix tape or two this autumn. That is good enough for me.

Track Listing:-
1 Let's Get Ready To Crumble
2 Paul Simon
3 Our Pen's Out Of Ink
4 Precious Metals
5 It's Not Really Cold When It Snows
6 Science Of The Seasons
7 Hurtin' 4 Certain
8 Telegram From The Future
9 2 Dots On A Map
10 Your Big Brown Eyes And My Broken Heart
11 C'Mon
12 Still Life
13 You And The Wine

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