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Saint Jude's Infirmary - Happy Healthy Lucky Month

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 12 / 8 / 2006

Saint Jude's Infirmary - Happy Healthy Lucky Month
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Disappointing, harsh-on-the-ears first CD from Edinburgh-based five piece St Jude's Infirmary

The weird press release strikes again! I really can’t remember how many times I have written about this here at Pennyblackmusic, but now it’s time again. According to SL Records’ website, this Edinburgh five-some would like to compare themselves to Velvet Underground and the girl groups from the 60's. Well, the Velvet Underground comparison I can understand, even though it’s a far stretch, but the girl groups… where are they on this album? I actually wish there would have been more influences from them here, as that undoubtedly would have made things so much better. Instead, I would like to draw parallels to Tindersticks (in the calmer moments) and their old SL label-mates Khaya (in the noisy moments), a band that released a couple of good singles, but then went completely nuts and started making music which most of all consisted of noise and screams. Well, here we are again. On 'Good-bye Jack Vettriano', I actually had to look in the booklet and see if the would-be singer’s name wasn’t Stuart Staples. More comparisons, you say? Well, think about the noisy moments on the Delgados’ albums... Or have a listen yourself. But you have been warned.

Track Listing:-
1 The Church of John Coltrane
2 Remember Dresden
3 Saint Jean
4 Goodbye Jack Vetrianno
5 Saint Judes Infirmary
6 All My Rowdy Friends Are Dead
7 Montreal
8 Happy Healthy Lucky Month
9 Vvvvampyr

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