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Todd Stadtman - Only I Can Save You

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 12 / 8 / 2006

Todd Stadtman - Only I Can Save You
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Enjoyable pop-influenced new album from San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Todd Stadtman, who has been recording music since punk times

Todd Stadtman is a San Francisco-based singer/songwriter whom has been on the music scene since that city's punk days. He fronted two local bands, namely art/punkers B Team and then the Naked Info, which featured Toiling Midgets member Lisa Davies. The Toiling Midgets were a band that involved the American Music Club's Mark Eitzel. After a spell as an arranger for people like Sophie B. Hawkins, he reunited with the guitarist from the Naked Info, and fronted Zikzak. After this he worked with the band Pray for Rain on the soundtracks for Alex Cox's 'Sid and Nancy' and 'Straight to Hell', the latter of which starred Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello, the Pogues and Courtney Love. 'Only I Can Save You' is wrapped up in a pretty plain yellow sleeve and is performed with Dan Wool. 'Back to Yourself' is very lightweight pop, well played and as accessible as the Pet Shop Boys. 'Something Less Than Tenderness' is more guitar based with some strong keyboard based beats and a good groove, something like either early Orange Juice or Aztec Camera. 'Jezebel Jones' is another fresh faced pop number, while 'I Am Mr Green' is piano based, with a jazzy slow based beat. 'The Clock in My Heart' has a twangy guitar and is also synth based. It is very mellow and recalls the Lotus Eaters. 'String of Pearls' is very fast and trancey, but with pop sensibilities, while on 'Don't Know Why She's Here',which is upbeat and poppy, Todd sounds like Japan's David Sylvian with his vocals. 'I'm Good' has a weird Mickey Mouse style vocal over distorted pop based beats, while 'Come Undone' is great singer/songwriter stuff and recalls recent Ian McNabb. 'Talking Through My Mouth' is fun and sounds like great 80's pop. It would be very suitable for the deceased Top of the Pops and could have been a summer hit single. 'The Life She Dreams' is moody and piano based, and again sounds like Ian McNabb, while 'I Wish You Were My Skin' is based around acoustic guitar but also has synth based beats.

Track Listing:-
1 Back To Yourself
2 Something Less Than Tenderness
3 Jezebel Jones
4 I Am Mr. Green
5 The Clock In My Heart
6 String Of Pearls
7 I Don't Know Why She's Here
8 I'm Good
9 Come Undone
10 Talking Through My Mouth
11 The Life She Dreams
12 I Wish You Were My Skin

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