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Blackbud - From The Sky

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 18 / 7 / 2006

Blackbud - From The Sky
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Superb Muse and Led Zeppelin-inspired debut album from up-and-coming stars of indie rock, Blackbud

This is the debut effort from West Country youngsters Blackbud. It is clear from the first song and recent single 'Barefoot Dancing' that these guys are British, with their oh-so English lyrics which are reminiscent of Babyshambles (at their most technically sound), and the musicianship and ambition of the likes of Muse and even Led Zeppelin. While Blackbud will be lumped in with the current crop of Elbow and Dirty Pretty Things, they have developed superbly as musicians since forming at college. This will be the thing that sets them apart, as they will not be content to write a few sing-a-longs, which will get people in tight jeans and old looking clothes on the dance floor. With some rip-roaring guitar solos along the way from guitarist/lead singer Joe Taylor, Blackbud should really set themselves apart. The band, who met and formed at college and also comprise of Sam Nadel on drums and Adam Newton on bass, are clearly great musicians. There are some great moments on this album like the slow burner 'Goodbye Song' and the incredibly soulful 'Sitting by the River'. There are times, however, when the vocals tend to lean toward the whinier side of the scale, which almost lets some of the other songs down. At the end of the day there are, however. enough quality songs on this album to make sure this band won’t fade out after one album. They certainly have a great future ahead of them especially when you think that these songs are their first efforts. I for one cannot wait to see how they progress.

Track Listing:-
1 Barefoot Dancing
2 1:5:8
3 Switch
4 Heartbeat
5 Goodbye Song
6 Steal Away
7 Sitting By The River
8 Forever
9 Alone
10 Days Passing Away
11 Market Streets

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