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Angel City Outcasts - Deadrose Junction

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 17 / 7 / 2006

Angel City Outcasts - Deadrose Junction
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Unpretentious punk metal from appropriately-named LA group, the Angel City Outcasts

I’m not sure if I’ve ever come across a band with such an appropriate name. These guys are full of the L.A. punk rock spirit, but seem to have none of the bullshit image consciousness of so many of the other bands that somehow manage to make it out of sounding like a poor man's Motley Crue and with their identikit punk metal sound. These guys just rock out, nothing more nothing less. They rock out there with the best of them, flying along with guitar solos a plenty, but with nothing over the top or out of place. Songs like 'Down Spiral' have the feel of a band that are incredibly catchy but would never compromise their style or punk rock roots. The band, which is made up of singer Alex Brug, Alex Zobototsky on bass, guitarists Tak Boroyan and Bob Zamudio and tub-thumper Ryan Markley, was born out of the ashes of punk outfits the Youth Rebellion and Broke Til Thursday. They excellently sum themselves up in 'Outcast Rock ‘n Roll' which is a bass-heavy fast-paced mission statement. If you listen to that you can grasp what they’re all about and will instantly fall in love with them. They belong with the likes of the Dead Kennedys, U.S. Bombs, AC/DC, Guns ‘n Roses and even Johnny Cash in terms of song writing. These are some great names to be linked with and they deserve to be. With nearly all their songs sounding like the perfect soundtrack to a Jack Daniels fuelled night out these guys make no effort to slow down at any point with such hard living advertising tunes as 'Sunset Sultan', 'Word to the Wise' and 'Take the Town'. This is one of those fun albums that needs to be right next to the CD at any self respecting rockers’ party.

Track Listing:-
1 Made For This
2 Down Spiral
3 Rev It Up, Turn It Loose
4 Outcast Rock N Roll
5 Sunset Sultan
6 Breakout
7 Bleeding Heart Saloon
8 Horns N Halos
9 Cutthroat
10 Where I Belong
11 Take The Town
12 Ten After Midnight
13 World To The Wise
14 No One Alone

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