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Windermere - The World Is Here

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 17 / 7 / 2006

Windermere - The World Is Here
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Atmospheric post rock on first album from new Danish-based group Windermere

Windermere were one of the first bands to ask me to be a friend on www.myspace.com. They are a fine band who hail from Denmark. ‘The World is Here’ is sung in English and opens with ‘Trailer Park’, which comes across sounding like the soundscapes that the Workhouse and iLiKETRAiNS work within, with dark bass and guitars that give it a Gothic feel, before it develops a shoegazing sound. ‘Watch the Stars’ has a pop vocal from bassist Jakob, while the backing is soft and shoegazing with a rhythm that doesn’t assault the ears too much. ‘Your Eyes Could Start a Fire’ sounds like the Cure jamming on a project with film maker David Lynch, while “Somehow’ is back to Workhouse territory. Bassist Jakob’s vocal is initially delicate and is backed by full on Ride assault guitars, but the vocal gets more confident as it moves on. ‘You Have It All’ sounds like the Workhouse on a loop, while Jakob’s vocal recalls Simon Scott from Televise and the Pale Saints’ Ian Masters. ‘Unspoken’ is much more atmosphere based and very eerie, like a horror film soundtrack. As it moves on, it develops an edge to it which sounds like a combination between Slowdive and Radiohead. ‘ Underneath’ is an instrumental and very much like a doomy Cure soundscape. ‘Tone H’ closes the CD and features from Jakob a Thom Yorke style vocal. More information can be found at www.windermere.dk.

Track Listing:-
1 Trailer Park
2 Watch the Stars
3 Your Eyes Could Start a Fire
4 Somehow
5 You Have It All
6 Unspoken
7 Underneath
8 Tone H

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