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Schneider TM - Škoda Mluvit

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 17 / 7 / 2006

Schneider TM - Škoda Mluvit
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Latest album from influential German electronica artist Schneider TM

Taylor's biggest claim to fame was the cover of 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' and, since that became a thing of the past, it's now the call of the future! Last year's single 'More Time' for the Earsugar label serves as the ideal opener for this new Schneider Trademark album for the Berlin City Slang label. As a smoothly rolling electropop tune, it paves the way for a barrel filled to the rim with neat tracks; heavily and equally relying on both melody and rhythm. Then on 'Caplets' his clever lyricism and musicianship crop up again, but, however, during the fifteen minutes before you probably had your hips moving anyhow - without taking much notice of the 'intelligent dance music' - which the official name actually is! As the second side kicks off , the album's title track tops all of the funky dexterity as portrayed on what is side one of the LP. In the mean of teaching Warp Records' Jimmy Edgar a bit of his own, Schneider TM persues as the self-proclaimed farmer of sound; like a DJ melting the beats while rhyming over his very own in grand, even when silly, euro-English fashion. The album's penultimate track off 'Skoda Mulvit' in jolly fatalism then concludes; "it's such a nice ride". As it was indeed; yet not perfect though!

Track Listing:-
1 More Time
2 Pac Man / Shopping Cart
3 Peanut
4 S'kcorratiug
5 Caplets
6 Vodou
7 Škoda Mluvit
8 The Blacksmith
9 Klexx
10 Cataractact
11 The Slide
12 A Ride
13 The World's A Cup
14 Winsomelosesome

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