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Lily Allen - Alright, Still

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 5 / 7 / 2006

Lily Allen - Alright, Still
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Unpleasant, disturbing-in-attitude reggae-influenced debut album from the much hyped Lily Allen, the daughter of actor and television star\Keith Allen

This album is currently sitting at number two in the album charts, only being held off by Razorlight from the number one position if anyone still cares about that stuff nowadays. 'Alright Still' is Lily Allen's debut album and it is very clever for a 21 year old, but to these old ears she is far too cocky for her own good. Disrespecting old people on record is not good or maybe she just sees herself as an observer, writing lyrics from what she sees. Her Dad is one of the UK's biggest celebrity blaggers, so I personally feel that she comes across as something of a spoilt kid. If these songs are spoken from her point of view, then, sure, maybe her boyfriend was screwing the girl next door, but like get over it, move on, instead of writing about it. All of this album is done with great reggae backing from the band, whom are all session players probably. It is probably a good album if you're a teenager but really it's just a female version of the Streets. 'Smile' opens the album, and talks about her boyfriend fucking the girl next door within its opening lyrics, which seems to be a recurring theme in her music. This has been a massive hit, so you probably know it by now. I liked this track, until I saw the nasty video that assists it with gang violence and a smug 21 year old smiling after seeing her boyfriend's head getting kicked in by mates. 'Knock 'Em Out' is a Friday or Saturday night anthem for the young and is backed up with a messy, set of beats. 'LDN' was her first 7" inch only release, while 'Everything's Just Wonderful', is both dance based and commercial, a song about growing up and responsibilities. A song about sex and the guy not being able to get it up, it could also be a single. The guy is told in the song that he is a "prick" because of this. It is simply unhealthy for a woman in her position to be leading the young with this kind of attitude. 'Friday Night' is about nightclubbing in a big city in the summer of 2006, while 'Shame for You' is more jazz based pop but commercial. 'Littlest Things' has a 60's feel, and, a song about dreams, could also be a single. 'Take What You Take' is more poppy, very commercial again, and further potential single material, buf again I find myself herself objecting to her attitude which is if you're older than me fuck you. 'Friend of Mine' has a very similar tune to 'Smile' and ends with her giving her dope smoking brother a lesson in how to live his life. 'Alfie', another previous single, is stronger than 'Smile' and again has reggae style grooves. But this song is about stealing from old ladies and trying to make it sound acceptable ! Maybe though she is just the observer !

Track Listing:-
1 Smile
2 Knock 'Em Out
4 Everything's Just Wonderful
5 Not Big
6 Friday Night
7 Shame for You
8 Littlest Things
9 Take What You Take
10 Friend of Mine
11 Alfie

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