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Various - New British Invasion

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 29 / 5 / 2006

Various - New British Invasion
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


First-rate compilation from Berlin's Firestation label, which introduces several new British bands, all of whom are infused with a C86 spirit

One thing I have learned over 10 plus years of knowing Uwe Weigmann, from Firestation Records, is that when he puts a compilation together you are guaranteed a quality listen. Over the years, despite his Berlin base, he has consistently introduced me to a whole host of classic indie pop bands from right under my nose in the UK. No mean feat when I think back to the thousands I have spent on records over the years………. This compilation is no different (other than it’s a proper CD release rather than a C90 tape and he’s teamed up with fellow German pop revolutionary, Benny Ruess, to make it). It is still packed full of wonderful indie tracks with more than a passing nod to all those seminal 80’s jangle pop heroes that Uwe and I remember so fondly. Even though it’s 20 years since C86, the crop of bands on this CD certainly seem possessed by the same spirit. Of the 18 artists featured, the Boyfriends are probably the most high profile, having recently completed a European Tour with Morrissey. Their ‘Once Upon A Time’ demo could easily be a lost out-take from some aborted Smiths re-union recording session. It is a great track, but by no means out of place amongst the other tracks here. Decoration’s ‘Pine’ reminds one of vintage the Wedding Present, if David Gedge had been born in Bolton rather than Middleton and Lucky Soul could easily be mistaken for prime St Etienne. Elsewhere, Rotary Ten also appear to have been influenced by the Smiths (and are all the better for it), while Rumble Strips have a feel of Dexy’s about them (again a good thing). If you throw in quality cuts from Milburn, Harrisons, Keith, the Lodger and the Sequins, the result can only be (and is) aural pleasure. A must for anyone who appreciates fine indie music.

Track Listing:-
1 Neat People- Phillipa Future (Demo)
2 The Pipettes- Dirty Mind
3 Milburn- Lipstick Lickin'
4 The Rumble Strips- Motorcycle
5 The Brothers With Different Mothers- Rocktopussy
6 The Boyfriends- Once Upon A Time (Demo)
7 Decoration- Pine
8 Harrisons- Wishing Well
9 Lucky Soul- My Brittle Heart
10 Keith- Hold That Gun
11 The Sequins- Nobody Dreams About Me
12 This Et Al- All You Ever Be Is A Dancer
13 The Bishops- I Don't Really Know What To Say
14 Vincent Vincent And The Villains- Johnny Two Bands
15 The Brights- London Belongs To Me
16 Redcarsgofaster- The Pragmatist (Demo)
17 Rotary Ten- I Fear The Field (Demo)
18 The Lodger- Getting Special

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