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Roger Dean Young And The Tin Cup - Casa

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 14 / 4 / 2006

Roger Dean Young And The Tin Cup - Casa
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Subtle, simple country-follk rock from Canadian singer-songwriter Roger Dean Young

If you choose which albums to buy by sampling tracks online, or even by listening to the radio, then you’ve probably missed out on this album. One of the quietest and most unassuming albums in my collection, 'Casa' is very enjoyable if you are prepared to give it some attention. Roger Dean Young is a fairly typical country-folk songwriter, though a pretty good one with a pleasant sounding voice. But his songs are subtle and simple, and though not especially distinctive, they are pleasant enough. Luckily, his band - (or, as they seem to be, the loose collective of musicians who turned up at the studio with him to record) add a lot to these songs, making them loose, free and jazzy. Instead of sticking to one style, they bring in cultures from around the world, and it works nicely. ‘Casa’ is a pleasant listening experience, if no masterpiece.

Track Listing:-
1 Down Juan
2 The Bottoms
3 Congress Of Spring
4 Slide
5 Little Wind
6 Stettler II
7 Carry On Heather/Rhapsody
8 Wanderlust
9 Lone Mare
10 Bentley To Clive
11 Red Amber Amulet
12 All These Marias

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