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Bush Chemists - Raw Raw Dub

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 28 / 3 / 2006

Bush Chemists - Raw Raw Dub
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Reggae-inspired dub on instantly classic latest album from durable British group the Bush Chemists

Vinyl is selling well and 'Raw Raw Dub' must be one of the reasons for that. This album put the pressure on Zion Train as to who is the greatest dub band in Britain. Zion Train have a new LP in the late Summer. Ah, Peelie would have lit up one up there in heaven when he'd heard this new Bush Chemists on the turntable. Bush Chemists have played thick and fat riddims for well over a decade now and on their return to New York's ROIR after ten lonely years, they still manage to breathe new life into dub. Absolutely worth the wait of those years, 'Raw Raw Dub' exactly delivers what it promises. Tight bass, juggling percussion, breezy melodica plus rocking keyboards; the album has it all. 'Raw Raw Dub', however, gets off on a slow start. I could go track by track but if you're into reggae, dub or just good music you won't find many other similar releases today. From the second track, the blasting magic of 'Speaker Rocker' with its ultra-dimensional realms of pure banging and drumming, on to the last 'Heigher Heights' the Bush Chemists are 'doin' it in a ya yard'. 'Round The Dub' features an even grander jiggy riddim and a talking drum method type of conversation with an ever wonderful melodica. Rawer than rough is 'Rubber Dub'. The basses now have reached a very deep and a very gritty dubchamber, with a machine gun riddim and popping keyboards. It is with tracks such as 'Rubber Dub' and the magnificent 'Double Drum' that you realise dub is still capable of innovation.

Track Listing:-
1 New Beginning
2 Speaker Rocker
3 East Of Jaro
4 Dark Dub
5 Symphony Of Dub
6 New Stylee
7 Heartical Dub
8 Oriental Style
9 Round The Dub
10 Rubber Dub
11 Flying Cymball
12 Raw Raw
13 Lift Me
14 Double Drum
15 Higher Heights

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