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Babar Luck - Care In The Community

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 17 / 3 / 2006

Babar Luck - Care In The Community
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


"Intriguing fusion of acoustic-reggae sensibilities and inner-city angst" on debut album from London-based, but Pakistan-born singer-songwriter, Babar Luck

An intriguing fusion of acoustic-reggae sensibilities and inner-city angst, 'Care in the Community' makes a claim to be one of this year's most interesting and important albums. Babar Luck has created a set of songs as British as The Streets or The Charlatans yet which captures the complexity of the modern, multiethnic Britain in a way neither of these have ever managed. Luck also takes on wider issues than most artists without becoming preachy or dull as is often the danger for those who stray into social areas while making music. And while all these songs are steeped in traditional and familiar musical structures the application of these to this material makes them instantly relevant and fresh. These are songs very much at ground level, even when dealing with universal problems, and a sly humour is also at work. The catchy ‘My Friend Used To Be (A Madaxeman)’ follows the raucous and sleazy ‘101 Spiritual’ while opener ‘1 Luv’ should by rights become for the post-E generation what Marley’s similarly-named tune was for their predecessors in the last century. "There’s no care in the community, just sweet disharmony" he sings on the title track. But there is hope here and positivity buried in these simple, catchy and charming songs.

Track Listing:-
1 1 Luv
2 Care In The Community
3 The Fight Game
4 Movies
5 Raj Kapoor & Nargis
6 Lions
7 War Fever
8 101 Spiritual
9 My Friend Used To Be (A Mad Axeman)
10 Kabanee Kaam
11 Quarter to Eight
12 Inner Glow

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