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Nick Cave And Warren Ellis - The Proposition Soundtrack

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 17 / 3 / 2006

Nick Cave And Warren Ellis - The Proposition Soundtrack
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Beautiful-sounding soundtrack from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis written to accompany the recently-released new Australian western 'The Proposition' for which Cave also wrote the script

This soundtrack is a beautiful masterpiece and was written to assist the recently released film. 'The Proposition',that was scripted by Nick Cave himself. As well as Nick Cave, it also features his fellow Bad Seed Warren Ellis, who is also the main figure behind the Dirty Three, an Australian instrumental three piece whom play large soundscape pieces are based around Ellis' violin. The film is a violent Australian western, of which there are very few, but this album stands up for itself without the moving pictures to assist it. There are very few vocals on the soundtrack, and it consists mostly of instrumental pieces that are sad landscapes in true deep spaghetti western style. The film is often violent, as is the sleeve for this. It is not a date movie, but like most of Nick Cave's work, it certainly makes you think.

Track Listing:-
1 Happy Land
2 The Proposition #1
3 Road to Banyon
4 Down to the Valley
5 Moan Thing
6 The Rider #1
7 Martha's Dream
8 Gun Thing
9 Queenie's Suite
10 The Rider #2
11 The Proposition #2
12 Sad Violin Thing
13 The Rider #3
14 The Proposition #3
15 The Rider Song
16 Clean Hands, Dirty Hands

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