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Little Willies - Little Willies

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 5 / 3 / 2006

Little Willies - Little Willies
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Debut album from easy listening supergroup the Little Willies, whom include in their line-up Norah Jones

The Little Willies features Lee Alexander on bass, Jim Campilongo on guitar, Norah Jones on piano, and Richard Julian whom also appears on guitar and along with Norah on vocals. They are basically a musical collective that play together for fun. This debut album has some originals, but mainly consists of covers. ‘Roly Poly’ is a Fred Rose song and, a jazz work out, is clever with clean vocals and is very mellow and very easy listening with pleasant guitar and piano breaks. It is good weekend music, the sort of thing to have on in the background while sharing a beer or two with friends. 'I’ll Never Get Out Again’ is another Fred Rose song, which he co- wrote with Hank Williams Jr. This finds the band in 70’a style middle of the road territory. It has an infectious middle 8 and Richard Julian’s vocals recall those of Green on Red guitarist Chuck Prophet in their delivery. ‘Over Me’ was written by Elvis’ songwriting team, Leiber and Stoller. It has a Norah vocal, and is blues based and jazzy. ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ is meanwhile laid back and elegant. Best of All Possible Worlds’ is a Kris Kristofferson number. It has a much faster beat, and is a drinking song.’ No Place to Fall’ is a tune by the late Townes van Zandt and, stripped down, is very dark and miserable, reflecting on all of life. ‘Roll On’ is a Lee Alexander original song and is slow and mellow. ‘Gotta Get Drunk’ is a Willie Nelson’ number and is jazzy, bluesy, and fun. ‘Streets of Baltimore’ is a balladic rocker, while ‘Easy as the Rain’ is another original. It is as slow as a snail and unfortunately just as interesting. ‘Tennessee Stud’is a Jimmy Driftwood track, with a great rhythm to it. It is a real knees-up song. countryish, and with a great life to it. ‘Nightlife’ is another Willie Nelson number which is sung by Norah and, as elegant as Billie Holiday, is suitable for late night playing. It ends with another original called ‘Lou Reed’ which you might think is about rock and roll. Well, it isn’t at all. The longest track here, it is a boogie woogie number and a song about Lou spotting, If you were a Lou fan, you would think they were joking around. This is a big time album for lovers everywhere, but unfortunately was not for me.

Track Listing:-
1 Roly Poly
2 I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
3 Love Me
4 It's Not You, It's Me
5 Best Of All Possible Worlds
6 No Place To Fall
7 Roll On
8 I Gotta Get Drunk
9 Streets Of Baltimore
10 Easy As The Rain
11 Tenessee Stud
12 Night Life
13 Lou Reed

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