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Chicago Underground Duo - In Praise Of Shadows

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 5 / 3 / 2006

Chicago Underground Duo - In Praise Of Shadows
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Venemous and tribal-sounding freeform jazz on fourth album from the Chicago Underground Duo

Masters of the - erm - Chicago underground have done it again. From vibes which seem to originate exclusively from the very, very windy city, breezy and loose interpretations labelled freeform or labelled jazz,are brought together on this fourth album from cornetist Rob Mazurak and drummer Chad Taylor, who are members of the Chicago Underground Orchestra. The Chicago Underground this time around features a shy horn section; This prime war fanfare front row plus the back rows, who learnt their lessons well when the Art Ensemble were still playing, now seem to be on the war path on 'In Praise of Shadows'. That's 'war' already mentioned twice, right? Well, there is a sense of tribal venom on the album. Yet the great contrast of the m'bira and Chad Taylor's drums creates one of the highlights of the album on 'The Glass House'. Take note that these tracks were all recorded in one take, a truly stunning achievement for a duo... To me, Chicago always held the edge in improv pazz and jop, not New York. By the time the listener reaches 'Funeral of Dreams' though, the brisk CU approach has led you through a splendid carnival of somehow familiar sounds. But do forgive the Chicago Underground (Duo) this attitude which includes taking no style for granted. No holds barred here; Chad Taylor and Rob Mazurak don't even live in Chicago! Mr Taylor lives in New York (sic) for example. The duo's performance can be classified as teasing as well as hypnotic and never fails to keep up the tension.

Track Listing:-
1 Falling Awake
2 In Praise of Shadows
3 The Glass House
4 Cities Without Citadels
5 Pangea
6 Funeral Of Dreams
7 The Light In Between

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