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Jahcoozi - Pure Breed Mongrel

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 23 / 12 / 2005

Jahcoozi - Pure Breed Mongrel
Label: Kitty Yo
Format: CD


Enterprising and sophisticated hip hop from Berlin-based dubpop trio Jahcoozi

Rather irie and jah cosy this ! The Berlin dubpop trio Jahcoozi comprises of singjay Sasha Perara, born in London of Sri Lankin parents ; DJ Robot Koch and Oren Gerlitz on bass and guitar. 'Pure Breed Mongrel' is a hybrid actually; dry dub beats melt seamlessly with stripped-to-the bone hiphop beats. With the guitars and keyboards all splashing in at fine pace, we have a warm pool-of-sound to support Sasha Parera's toasts and vocals. 'Pure Greed Mongrel' is a consistent album that might sell well. Sasha remains an affectionate person to listen to when she gets allupfront,and a highlight of this is the bouncy 'Shake The Doom', that if remixed would be destined to become a floor biggie. Her clearest statement comes in the excellent 'Asian Bride Magazine' which I can see turning into an anthem. This track goes all clickety-clack as the music on the album as a whole progresses from poppy dub to rocky two-step. Grime's another tag you might like to use. What matters is that these ingenious attempts work well. The grace and sophistication on 'Pure Breed Mongrel' is quite captivating. Another track to hit full on the hit-o-meter is the addictively catchy 'Homeboy's Blender'. Not a single daft track on the album, and with plenty to cherish, all members of the panel grab for the boards that read 'top'.

Track Listing:-
1 Black Barbie Album Version
2 Changing Time
3 Ghostbusters Generation
4 Fish
5 Who
6 Ali Mc Bills
7 Homeboy's Blender
8 Dot Com Bust
9 The Bouncer Who Turned Good
10 Shake The Doom
11 Asian Bride Magazine
12 Heal The World
13 Acne

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