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And What Will Be Left Of Them - Dance, Damn You, Dance

  by Mark Rowland

published: 18 / 10 / 2005

And What Will Be Left Of Them - Dance, Damn You, Dance
Label: Filthy Little Angels
Format: CDS


Brilliant disco punk on new EP from Worcester-based art rockers and indie popsters And What Will Be Left of Them ?

Worcester’s And What Will Be Left Of Them? do the disco punk thing brilliantly. They are much more fun than the bands that the NME currently worship and they aren’t just ripping off Gang of Four either. There’s British art-punk and indie pop in there as well.The four tracks on the ‘Dance, Damn You, Dance’ EP really do get your feet moving. Opener ‘L’Amour Violent’ kicks in with stuttering chords and a good beat, coming into a great sing-along chorus.The title track mentions super 80's dancer Patrick Swayze in its lyrics, so is excellent by default. It would, however, be able to hold its own without him. ‘Throw It In The Pit, Kid’ has the same feel to it as Talking Heads at their most up-beat and like the ‘Heads is more indie than funky. ‘Dripping Wet’ is more rock ‘n’ roll in its structure, but it is still very dance-y and poppy, with another great catchy chorus. Hopefully, this band will do an album soon, but in the meantime, this more than satisfies.

Track Listing:-
1 L'Amour Violent
2 Dance, Damn You, Dance
3 Throw It In The Pit, Kid
4 Dripping Wet

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Interview (2005)
And What Will Be Left Of Them - Interview
And What Will Be Left of Them ? are from Worcester and play upbeat, danceable, punky indie-pop. Mark Rowland chats to them about playing gigs, their unusual influences and their latest EP

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