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Omerta - One Chance

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 18 / 10 / 2005

Omerta - One Chance
Label: Northern Ambition
Format: CDS


Ultra limited new single from new Manchester indie guitar act Omerta, which proves definitely worth digging around for

There has been a buzz in Manchester surrounding Omerta for a couple of months now. Debut single 'Everyone Is Frozen' showed promise, but only really dropped subtle hints that the hype was deserved. New single 'One Chance', however, finally put some real meat on the rumour bones. Starting like an eerie soundtrack to an 80’s horror film the song builds like a childhood fear mutating into an adult nightmare, before exploding into a chorus that rips your heart from your broken body with the defiant declaration “I’d give my life for just ONE CHANCE!”. Truly awesome, a song that even vintage Puressence would kill for. B-side, 'Synchronise Your Smiles', is another fine slab of Manc-pop with more than a passing nod to the Stones Roses of 1989. The one downside is that, like the debut, this is more limited than Roy Keane’s people skills, so chances are you won’t find one this side of e-bay. Definitely worth digging around for, though.

Track Listing:-
1 One Chance
2 Synchronise Your Smiles

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One More Minute (2006)
Fantastic third single from Omerta, who sound like the genius offspring of Interpol and fellow Manc heroes, Puressence

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