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Aeon Spoke - Emmanuel

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 17 / 9 / 2005

Aeon Spoke - Emmanuel
Label: Mercy Stroll
Format: CDS


Multi-dimensional atmospheric Radiohead-inspired rock from Miami group Aeon Spoke

Aeon Spoke originate from Miami. 'Emmanuel' is from their new album 'Above the Buried Cry'. Its an acoustic song that is very vocal driven and is quite haunting and very atmospheric, and almost dream like, due to the vocal dynamics of singer/guitarist Paul Masvidal. It starts off sounding a little like Radiohead's 'Karma Police.' It is quite a slow song and is not the kind of song that is instantly likeable. That has its good points and bad points. On first listen you may be hard pushed to remember how it went afterwards, but after a few listens you get a much better feel for the song, and the band, who have a very multi-layered sound to their music, that you have to really get into and really listen to rather than the type of music which is more throw away and more instantly gratifying. It is not the kind of song that if you had it on in your car and your mate heard it he or she would be singing along to it or asking who it was. They would more likely be asking “Do you want to talk about it, are you ok?” . There is plenty of room in the world for songs that have more than just a one dimensional view to them, and this is where Aeon Spoke's strengths lie. If you let yourself you will be immersed in it, and will be left hanging onto the very words being sung. The second song on the single 'Nothing' is at first listen a bit more lively,. Although it still adheres to the school of deep song writing which , while having a cold feel, takes you on a musical journey where you have to really listen to the song. You could almost feel lost in it. Rather than it being background music to whatever you are doing, it makes what you are doing a distraction to where the song is taking you. As far as singles go, it all depends on what the band want out of it. If they want to make people buy lots of their albums then this probably won’t be the case because it is not the kind of thing that grabs you instantly on first listen and drives you crazy wanting to hear it again. Aeon Spoke, however, are much more than that. It would be unjust for them to just go for instant catchiness when their music is clearly a lot deeper and multi faceted. It is not the kind of thing that people could listen to without paying much attention, because they would be missing the point of it. They could, as a result, miss out on so much.

Track Listing:-
1 Emmanuel (Edit)
2 Nothing

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