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Alto 45 - 101101

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 10 / 8 / 2005

Alto 45 - 101101
Label: Happy Capitalist
Format: CD


Mildly disappointing indiepop from Suffolk-based group Alto 45, who include Graham Coxon, The Delgados, Postal Service and The Radio Dept amongst their influences

The press release for this debut album talks about singer James Boyce sounding a bit like former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, and less than ten seconds into the first song, 'Let’s Go Out', I can only confirm that that is true. I almost pressed the Open button on my CD-player the first time I heard this to see if I had put my copy of Coxon’s first album, 'The Sky is High', in the stereo instead of the Alto 45 one. But I hadn't, so I continued to listen to this English band, whose members are friends with Bearsuit, a favourite band of mine. Sadly, this is one of the times where the information on the press sheet promises more than it can keep. Well, the Coxon reference was spot on, and the other influences mentioned (The Delgados, Postal Service and The Radio Dept) are quite audible too, but the songs are just not good enough. The only time I reached for the sleeve to see what song it was was when I came to the fourth song, 'Sunburn'. With its weird bass lines and catchy melody, this is by far the best song on the album, even though the rest of the songs are not that bad either. I was just expecting a bit too much from this, which is never a good thing to do. Far too often you end up being disappointed…

Track Listing:-
1 Let's Go Out
2 The Plan
3 Fell Down Stairs
4 Sunburn
5 Look Who You Know
6 Leaving Suburbia
7 Christian Song
8 Moses Gunn
9 Hospital Song
10 Ain't Got Nothing
11 Sleep & TV

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