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Agent Blue - Children's Children

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 16 / 3 / 2005

Agent Blue - Children's Children
Label: MCA
Format: CDS


Overtly preachy, but otherwise engaging indie guitar rock from names-to-watch Agent Blue

“What will you tell you’re children’s children, when they ask you where their world’s gone?” ask Agent Blue on this single. If you can get past that trite opening line this is actually a pretty good song, with a simple guitar refrain and a good sense of pace that pushes it through its frankly tediously preachy lyrics. If Agent Blue had perhaps been a little less worthy with this it would have all been all the better. “You thought you had the answers and now many questions are raised.” Even so, ‘Children’s children’ is reasonably engaging, although the abrupt ending is uncomfortable. B sides ‘All’s Well that Ends OK’ and ‘Silence is Golden’ are much better, with all the well crafted skill of the main track minus the burdensome clichés. Actually ‘Silence is Golden’ has no lyrics at all. Both songs merit repeat play at high volume and are reason enough to forgive ‘Children’s children’ and keep an eye on Agent Blue. To take the cheap shot: I’d tell them to turn off that damn noise they were listening to, put this CD on, skip the first track and turn the volume up.

Track Listing:-
1 Children's Children (Radio Edit)
2 Children's Children (Album Version)

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