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Science Group - Spoors

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 24 / 1 / 2005

Science Group - Spoors
Label: Rer
Format: CD


Avant garde rock on experimental ReR label which is divided into four chapters, and designed to resemble the rhythms of the average day

Started as the Recommended label, ReR is now a London-Zurich company and above all the main stage for improvisation and related avant garde music. The Science Group features the compositions of Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer from the Netherlands. Fifteen tracks which were recorded in 2002 and 2003 build four chapters that kind of resemble the rhythm of your day. Three timelines in the first chapter come as a fresh splatter of improv with loops and new turns, just like each morning has a new smell and sound. The tricks from Tickmayer's sampler and the rhythm section of engineer Bob Drake on bass and label boss Chris Cutler on drums merge very well. A common path in both breakbeats and a polka becomes apparent even when the juxtaposition in one's initial reaction is quite the reverse. Mike Johnson on guitar is the busy force at the start of tracks in the second and third chapter and misleadingly comes up with an intro that made me expect a fine 1980's African track from say Shalawambe. The chemistry of the musicians is obviously there, moreover the music remains tight, often witty and ever intriguing. A huge range of rhythmic styles used does not lead to a cacophony. Yet there is the occasional moment the unsuspecting listener may feel a little itching. The last chapter is where the Science Group elaborates and rubs in some fine melodic music. The 'Spoors'  album wanders off with the epic and cinematic - you hate the word, don't you, and so do I, sorry - 'Urban Music' which is like the homecoming after going through town, facing diverse impressions and being forced to the halts of traffic and er, urban life. Excellent for Sunday mornings, lousy with beer and snacks.

Track Listing:-
1 Timeline 6
2 Timeline 2
3 Timeline 5
4 Slopes And Blind Alleys
5 Dispersants
6 Dance Of The Arguments
7 Interrupted Thoughts
8 The Reject
9 Marching Off
10 Slow Land
11 Discrete Networks
12 Niska Banja
13 Tractate
14 The Garden Of Forking Paths
15 Urban Music

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