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Alice Donut - Three Sisters

  by Helen Tipping

published: 4 / 8 / 2004

Alice Donut - Three Sisters
Label: Howler
Format: CD


Surreal, bizarre but ultimately thought-provoking punk from the seminal Alice Donut, back after a seven year break

Alice Donut are back after a break of seven years, bringing a much needed injection of madness and bizarre humour into a rock landscape dominated by nu-metal.  'Three Sisters' is grunge at its best, an antidote to the suicidal lyrics of Nirvana.  The subject matter ranges from war to arms dealing to masturbation and some that I've no idea what they're about - but that's good - I might have to think about what I'm listening too, I might have to leave the comfort zone of love and boy meets girl, I might have to be confused, to laugh and feel that maybe I shouldn't be laughing. Alice Donut get people involved. The CD-Rom which accompanies has a video made by fan Curt Futtenhaver for the track 'Helsink'" following a competition launched on the band's website. I  have to say that the video complements the lyrics without being too prescriptive. You want talking toilets, singing cows & exploding flying pigs?  You can have them, and if you don't - well there's always boy meets girl, isn't there ?

Track Listing:-
1 Kiss Me
2 Mr. Pinkus
3 Wired
4 She Tells Me Things
5 Running Arms in the Phillipines
6 Cost
7 Problems
8 Up is Down
9 Helsinki
10 Kcick
11 Farmer's Almanac
12 Setting Sun

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