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Clann Zu - Black Coats And Bandages

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 7 / 2004

Clann Zu - Black Coats And Bandages
Label: G7 Welcoming Committee
Format: CD


Over political rock from Australian group Clann Zu, which proves to be a largely uninspired mix of U2 and Keane

A personal note first: I'm very U2 phobic and with Clann Zú my feelings must remain subdued, as the epic 'Black Coats & Bandages' closes in on Bonoedgystan territory. When Clann Zú's Declan De Barra sings rather than whines, his voice shows a fine soulful style, yet when the preaching starts - 'Black Coats and Bandages' is on G7 Welcoming Committee after all - the Clann Zú sound becomes pretty mundane. However much sympathy one may have for a political stance, 'Black Coats and Bandages' is a long winding road through a symphonic emo-scape. A trip short of memorable moments, a right-wing punter may find the album challenging, but since I agree with their philosophy at large, I could, however ,recommend it as a green left remix of U2 vs Keane. Lots of restrained piano play for extra effect! Agit-muzak anyone? I wonder if the label could correctly rename itself in G8.  

Track Listing:-
1 Black Coats And Bandages
2 There Will Be No Morning Copy
3 So Complicated Was The Fall
4 An T-éan Bán
5 One Bedroom Apartment
6 From An Unholy Height
7 Án Deireadh Scéal
8 From Bethlehem To Jenin
9 You'll Have To Swim
10 A Sudden Intake Of Breath

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