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Various - Derby

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 12 / 6 / 2004

Various - Derby
Label: Siesta
Format: CD X2


Sprawling, occasionally appealing double CD, with loose football theme, from the Spanish indiepop label Siesta, released to coincide with their 11th anniversay

Together with Elefant, Siesta is the most internationally acclaimed Spanish indie label, and after 12 years in the business, they thought that it might be time for a look in the rear-view mirror and this 2CD compilation is the result of that. As the packaging is the first thing you see when you take a first look at a new record, I might as well begin my review there, and I must say that they have done a really fine job with this one! The foldout digipak package is housed in a clear PVC slipcase, everything with football as its theme, and to top it all off, you can choose from 12 different front covers, designed by the label’s favourite artwork designers. Luxurious! So, on to the music. I have always thought that Siesta is a bit too fond of the bossanova-influenced part of indiepop, something that I don’t like very much. And with this compilation, I can see that I am quite right, sadly. Most of the Spanish bands here, with just a few excpetions. play music that easily could be placed in that category. Instead, it’s the foreign acts that impress me the most, which is kind of sad, as I have heard most of them before. One of the main attractions with compilations such as this is to discover new bands, but I’m afraid that is not the case here. Among the top rank on 'Derby' are Fantastic Something, Hunky Dory and Scarlet’s Well. All in all, this anniversary release is an average indiepop compilation, but those of you who have bought Siesta’s earlier records in the past will not be disappointed. I can promise you that!

Track Listing:-
1 Rita Calypso- Paper Mache
2 Barón De Tagomago- Enamorado
3 Kahimi Karie- Giapponese A Roma
4 Death By Chocolate- Cutoutgirlscout
5 Sunshine Day- Sandcastles
6 Edwin Moses- I'll Be Around
7 Swan Dive- A Few Thousand Days Ago
8 La Buena Vida- Mirando Atrás
9 Scarlet's Well- Luminous Creatures
10 Vigil- Sunrise Café
11 Bathing Beauty- Castles In The Air
12 Fantastic Something- Different Sounds
13 Maria Napoleon- Viva La Muerte
14 The Barry Gemso Experience- Every Single Day
15 Mr. Wright- Ana Karina
16 Kiki D'Aki- Adiós
17 Loveletter- Barbarella
18 The Lorraine Bowen Experience- Julie Christie
19 Plastic D'Amour- La Cachette
20 Beaumont- Friends In Flares
21 Lollipop Train- Johnny, Johnny
22 Hunky Dory- We've Got Each Other
23 Lollipop Train- Teenage Trifle
24 Scarlet's Well- Night Of The Macaw
25 The Magic Whispers- Fly
26 Swan Dive- Words You Whisper
27 The Free Design- Kites Are Fun
28 Vigil- Fantasía
29 Ramón Leal- O Orvalho Vem Caindo
30 Malabella- Metti Una Sera A Cena
31 Margo Guryan- Love Songs
32 Plastic D'Amour- Télé
33 Edwin Moses- (I'm Feeling) So Much Better
34 La Buena Vida- Qué Nos Va A Pasar
35 Mild Euphoria- Knight's Castle
36 Beaumont - Girls And Maths
37 The Happy Balloon- Among The First To Know
38 Constantin Veis- Run Again Tom Sawyer
39 Bel Divioleta- Cuando Yo Era Pequeña
40 Real Carioca- Telefone
41 Viva Maria- Love Me!
42 Jason Crest - This Bouquet
43 Milky - Travels With A Donkey
44 Pastel Vespa- L'Anarchie Dans L'UK

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