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Simon Joyner - Lost With The Lights On

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 28 / 3 / 2004

Simon Joyner - Lost With The Lights On
Label: Jagjaguwar
Format: CD


Melancholic country blues from the much acclaimed singer-songwriter Simon Joyner, which six months early proves to be "the perfect autumn album"

Of a small and fragile build he may be, but Simon Joyner is the powerful spokesman of the so-called lo-fi singer-songwriter generation. Healthy chap that he is, Joyner keeps a clear voice while he hits the right chord as per naturel. Graced with one of the most affectionate voices in music, Simon Joyner has always put his texts a little too bluntly to become the genre's mainstream balladeer. This caretaker knows how to sing good tunes , but also how to retain obscurity. 'Lost With The Lights On' is a little different from his previous albums. Mr Joyner has had releases on just about every record label that matters, ensuring an ever improving recording quality with each occasion. The album draws a heavy toll on the sad memories one might carry around, but transcends to reach the end of the tunnel as well. When ever Simon Joyner raises his voice, country blues music knows a fine moment in time. Joyner's timbre simply is unmatched in today's music. On 'Happy Woman' it is if he succeeds in waking up the greatly missed Roy Orbison. In a career spanning over some fifteen years now, Simon Joyner has found the blues and comes back back from its swamp every three or four years. The eight tracks on this album can not be an end. Even when his trade is popular in this post dance rock era, the true master remains in the background. Simon Joyner's music could be a little too much for you. At some stage in one's life, however, it'll be amongst one of the best things. 'Lost With The Lights On' is the perfect autumn album, so you have a solid 6 months to ignore it.

Track Listing:-
1 Dreams of Saint Teresa
2 Evening Song To Sally
3 Happy Woman
4 Bird of Spring
5 Blue
6 Flying Dreams
7 Four Birds
8 Forgotten Blues

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