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Peter Lacey - Anderida

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 2 / 3 / 2004

Peter Lacey - Anderida
Label: Pink Hedgehog
Format: CD


Not unpleasant, but ultimately dull third album from Brian Wilson-inspired solo artist, Peter Lacey

In the past (normally on grey winter mornings and with money burning in my pocket), I have been prone to purchasing records on the strength of the sleeve alone. Indeed, I discovered the fantastic Jack by this very method. I digress, of course, but bare with me, this is leading somewhere... When I picked up the 'Anderida' CD, I caught sight of a chap, presumably Peter Lacey, looking like a 1970's Sunday School teacher on the rear and inside another daft photograph of him, with an inane grin on his face, and I feared the worst. I then noticed that the lyrics to opening track, 'Love', have been adapted from a 16th century prayer and without even hearing a single note, I had decided that this was going to be crap.... This takes us neatly back to the first paragraph about judging a book by its cover or in this case music by its sleeve. It isn't always accurate. 'Anderida' isn't crap, but it's by no means a must buy either. The aforementioned 'Love'" is basically 'God Only Knows' by the Beach Boys, but with different lyrics, obviously. The next song 'Chime In' is similar to Sarah-era St Christopher and it ain't bad either, while 'Motivation' is far more upbeat, in an early 80's, Spandau Ballet style. From then on things just kind of merge together, with the vocals reminiscent of Bradford, the old Morrissey endorsed band from Blackburn,and strangely, Patrick Duff of Strangelove fame. Musically it's all a little samey and dull, save for the rather pleasant 'Rae' or the comic 1930's musical hall bop of 'The Silver Lady'. The one or two instrumental tracks offer some punctuation, but nothing really sticks out as essential listening. The big question is: - "will the indie-kids of Sweden, Japan, Germany or even England really like it?" No, but their parents may do, with the volume turned down. Sadly, uninspiring...I'd rather Jack.            

Track Listing:-
1 Love
2 Chime In
3 Motorvation
4 Carnival
5 September
6 Zephyr
7 Rae
8 The Great Hurt
9 The Camera
10 Freewheelin'
11 The Silver Lady
12 Anderida
13 Sundial Smile
14 Light And Shadow By Turn, But Love Always

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