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Assert - Insurrection Rocks

  by Alex Halls

published: 23 / 5 / 2003

Assert - Insurrection Rocks
Label: Three Days Dead
Format: CD


Recently reissued hardcore punk from Telford's Assert that proves to be "a testament to raw aggressiveness"

Recently re-released, 'Insurrection Rocks' is another 5-star offering from Telford’s hardcore geniuses Assert. Packed with ferocious, politically motivated hardcore, this 14-track album contains what should be expected, but is often not provided for by bands in this genre. Britt (vocals), Ryan (guitar), Sean (guitar), Adders (bass) and Chris (drums), are able to laugh about themselves in songs like 'AAA=Self-Parody', with lyrics such as "here’s a few points that you probably missed, I’m the lyrical leader and propagandist. Ha! Ha!" Each one of their songs is also, however, a testament to raw aggressiveness. Assert’s political standing is no façade. Every word comes from the heart and opens people’s eyes up to a reality that would otherwise remain masked. Frontman Britt’s former militant left-wing socialist views have been harnessed by a music that is never anything less than incessant. 'Insurrection Rocks' is a fantastic addition to any record collection, its furious nature capturing the mood we all sometimes are in. It may be loud, it may be brash, but that’s the way it was supposed to be!

Track Listing:-
1 Forces Of Victory
2 Why?
3 Truth Can Be Explosive
4 A.A.A. = Self Parody
5 Insurrection Rocks
6 Not Tomorrow, Today, Now
7 You Can't Stop Us
8 Our Time Will Come
9 Die On Your Feet
10 Lock Up The Poor
11 Motor 'H'
12 Modus Operandi
13 N.W.F.
14 Agitate, Educate

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