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Various - Another Round Of Golf Vol.4

  by Alex Halls

published: 22 / 4 / 2003

Various - Another Round Of Golf Vol.4
Label: Golf
Format: CD


Enjoyable budget priced sampler featuring all the acts on premier British punk label Golf's current roster

Golf Records’ newest compilation follows in the same vein as previous releases. It contrasts well-known bands like Less Than Jake and Snuff with more recently established acts such as the ever improving Gash and female pop-punksters Tuuli. Altogether it forms a memorable record that matches Epitaph’s 'Punk-O-Rama' collection in enjoyment and fulfilment. While its originally imaginative title' Another Round of Golf Volume 4' might perhaps call for a range of less-than-amusing Golf cracks, the album pretty much sells itself. Despite a couple of less imaginative tracks from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Snuff, the overall quality sets the tone for what Golf will produce next: it will doubtlessly shine also. When finding a Less Than Jake track on a compilation CD, one’s heart starts to race, motored by the technical perfection of the band's ability to produce a high-octane gem of a song. 'Look What Happened' is the ultimate gem,and is is Less Than Jake’s best effort to date. Following LTJ is the UK’s very own Consumed, who add two songs from their latest album 'Pistols at Dawn', which stand firm against the ska-punk of LTJ before. 4Ft Fingers inclusion is a godsend. Taken from, 'From Hero to Zero', one of the most outstanding albums of all time, 'Proud to Know You' and 'Last Man Standing', are beyond doubt the best of the quality bunch of the songs available on this release. Gash’s contribution is welcome as the band are making a name for themselves and the song is typical of their constructive intelligence and might. Tuuli don’t really make any inroads with the other bands present as the songs are far too pop orientated while the rest of the album is predominantly ska based. It does though show off the full range of the Golf Records label, but detracts somewhat from the other outstanding bands that have offered themselves to this compilation. Every band, however, has to start somewhere. 'Another Round of Golf Vol.4' may not quite live up to people’s expectations after Vol.3, but for the first time buyer it is worth checking out. With established bands and those on the up, the record is worth more than one play, but more often than not the later tracks will blur into oblivion.

Track Listing:-
1 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones– I Want My City Back
2 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones– The Punch Line
3 Snuff – Angels
4 Snuff – Boatnik
5 4Ft Fingers– Proud To Know You
6 4Ft Fingers– Last Man Standing
7 Less Than Jake– Look What Happened
8 Consumed– Not Today
9 Consumed– Out On Your Own
10 Jesse James – Black Sheep Generator
11 Jesse James – Hotwired
12 Gash – A Day Off For The Conscience
13 Tuuli – Whipped
14 Yeast – Expander
15 Yeast – Breakfall
16 Thrice– A Subtle Dagger
17 Thrice– See You In The Shadows

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