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Delgados - Hate

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 13 / 2 / 2003

Delgados - Hate
Label: Mantra
Format: CDS


Worthy, if slightly too predictable new single from the Delgados

After putting out their fourth album 'Hate' at the end of the last year, the Scottish band the Delgados have now just released a second single, 'All You Need Is Hate', from this CD . Even though the Delgados run their own record label Chemikal Underground, the single, like the album, has come out on Mantra Records. There is no real sign of hate on the title track. Instead the almost flowery sound of a violin appears. Alun Woodward , the co-singer and guitarist, sings along gently to it. Guitars break in a few seconds later and open up an emotionally moving and positive, if slightly predictable tune. The sophisticated voice of Emma Pollock, the group's other singer, is one of the biggest qualities of the band. It won't disappoint you on 'Mad Drums'. The music remains at the rear of its tune to let Emma’s vocals stand out. Unstable and odd experimental studio noises, however, also come from this background and wander around, creating the song’s only drawback as they don't fit in at all. 'Mr. Blue Sky', a cover of the old Electric Light Orchestra tune, is probably the best song on the single. 'Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why you had to hide away for so long ? " Emma wonders in a childlike and cute voice. The last part of the song is entirely instrumental, and mixes up the violin with the pure indie sound of the guitars and drums. The Delgados have earned every bit of attention they have got so far. 'All You Need is Hate' offers little that is new and which the Delgados haven’t already achieved elsewhere, but long term fans of the band will enjoy it

Track Listing:-
1 The Light Before We Land
2 All You Need Is Hate
3 Woke From Dreaming
4 The Drowning Years
5 Coming in from the Cold
6 Child Killers
7 Favours
8 All Rise
9 Never Look at the Sun
10 If This Is a Plan

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