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4ft Fingers - From Hero To Zero

  by Alex Halls

published: 8 / 1 / 2003

4ft Fingers - From Hero To Zero
Label: Golf
Format: CD


New second album from rising stars of UK punk, 4Ft Fingers, which proves to be "one of the finest punk releases of recent years"

After a nailbiting 2 year wait, Cheltenham’s best export, 4ft Fingers, are back with another explosive full-lengther. 'From Hero To Zero' is irresistible: it is one of the finest punk releases of recent years. Still they claim proud of their beerskatepunx roots, 4ft Fingers' new album strikes off with both ferocity and appeal. The cover, depicting a Superhero-style character, is a testament to the band’s love for life, and combines humour with fresh artistic flamboyance. What exists of the group’s repertoire is solid and effective. With one previous album and two EPs, all of a quality and craftsmanship similar to this, 4ft Fingers are proving to be Britain’s best chance of breaking both the American and European punk markets. With a style not dissimilar to the well-established Santa Cruz group, Good Riddance, albeit a bit faster and a bit punkier, 4ft Fingers’ identity is bold and glowing: an ode to all things punk. From Hero To Zero is encapsulative of 4ft Fingers’ quality and presence. The vocals are enticing, the guitars sweet and the drums carry through the buzz until the very end. The guitar solos fit beautifully, letting the listener immerse themselves in their building tempo. With a tour beginning February 2003, and making the most of a host of smaller venues in practically every town, 4ft Fingers are an assured bet this year and can’t fail to hit the headlines.

Track Listing:-
1 Proud To Know You
2 Burn The Bridges
3 Bright Side
4 Walk Away
5 All Down Hill From Here
6 Confused
7 One Way
8 Last Man Standing
9 Emergency Manoeuvre
10 Busted
11 Doubt It
12 Eye For An Eye
13 Carpe Diem / Fire In Your Eyes

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