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Leatherface - Discography Part 2

  by Alex Halls

published: 12 / 4 / 2002

Leatherface - Discography Part 2
Label: Rejected
Format: CD


"Outstanding" compilation of live songs and studio recordings from long serving melodic hardcore group, Leatherface

Originally having formed in the late ‘80s, Sunderland’s Leatherface reformed in 1998 and have put together an outstanding compilation of live songs and tracks that were featured on old EPs. The tracks show their age through the nature of the songs, capturing the spirit of punk in a formidable way. Not so well known, Leatherface are an unfound gem, and provide an eclectic sound, which is both rough-voiced and melodic. This melodiousness, with superb riffs and guitar structures, recall the fond memories of an era in which punk was more acceptable, and combines an underlying ferocity with a somewhat harmonious sound. The guitar parts to live track 'Springtime' are energetic yet they manage to convey an overwhelming, heart-felt, air of sadness. 'Springtime' and 'Book' epitomise the punk genre: emotive but yet also positive, proving there is more to this band then meets the eye. ‘Discography Part 2’ follows from 'Part 1' and proves to be the more successful of the two CDs. The change between the studio tracks at the beginning of the release to the live tracks at the end shows the depth with which the band play. 'Leningrad Vlad' appears twice on this release, once as a studio track and once as a live track and reflects the change beautifully, the live track remaining true to the original version but appearing more real and poignant.

Track Listing:-
1 Hops And Barley
2 A Public House
3 Eagle
4 Dreaming
5 All I Need
6 Here Come The Judge
7 I Can't Help Falling
8 Melody Lee
9 Shipyards (Piano & Vocals Mix)
10 In My Life (Acoustic)
11 Leningrad Vlad
12 Postwar Product Of A Fatmans Wallet
13 Leningrad Vlad (Live)
14 Springtime (Live)
15 Book (Live)
16 Live For You (Live)
17 I Want The Moon (Live)
18 Pale Moonlight (Live)
19 Hops And Barley (Live)
20 Message In A Bottle (Live)

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