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L'Ame Immortelle - Zwielicht

  by Alex Halls

published: 20 / 3 / 2002

L'Ame Immortelle - Zwielicht
Label: Trisol
Format: CDS


"Excellent" remixed collection of previous work by long serving German band, which incorporates "electro music and classical sounds into the Goth genre"

Formed back in 1996, and having originally chosen the name Technocratic Conquest, Austrian group, L'Ame Immortelle, release their fifth full album, stepping yet further towards recognition away from their native country. Currently consisting of 3 main members, Hannes, Sonja and Thomas, L'Ame Immortelle have created tunes that are still played in German clubs years after their release. 'Zwielicht' remixes already released songs from their four other albums, and provides an insight into the superb sounds that L'Ame Immortelle create, as well as including two pieces of powerful art by the band which are included within the CD case. 'Zwielicht', meaning 'Twilight', is interesting for its incorporation of electro music and classical sounds into the Goth genre, but rarely, however, develops into a true Goth sound. The 12 tracks are beautifully engineered and each one is crisp and distinctive. 'Rearranging' and 'Judgement' have a chilling edge, while a number of the other tracks have an electro influence and a sound similar to dance with their rapid and spiky beats. The mix of female and male vocals within these electronic symphonies create a differing sound on each track and stop the album from becoming tiring. Zwielicht is a two CD set. The first CD features the remixes , and perhaps do not fully prove L'Ame Immortelle's worth as the songs have been altered. The second CD features live video from concerts in Bochum and Mainz, Germany. The only negative point that can be raised from the recording is the change between electro and classic Goth. At times this can be welcome but can affect the mood all too abruptly, spoiling what has previously been developed. The beautiful sounds within 'Zwielicht' are, however perfect to relax to, and overall the range of musical talent that is on display here and its varied nature make this an excellent recording.

Track Listing:-
1 Erinnerung
2 Judgement
3 Epitaph
4 Rearranging
5 Slut
6 Licht Und Schatten
7 Voiceless
8 Was Halt Mich Noch Hier
9 Forgive Me
10 Leaving
11 Dead Actors Requiem
12 The Truth Behind

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