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Various - Blattered

  by Alex Halls

published: 17 / 12 / 2001

Various - Blattered
Label: Twenty Stone Blatt
Format: CD


'Blattered' is a 25 track compilation of "bad-ass rock 'n' roll" from the Scottish record label Twenty Stone Blatt. It provides the "balls and attitude" proclaimed on its front cover by kicking off wi

'Blattered' is a 25 track compilation of "bad-ass rock 'n' roll" from the Scottish record label Twenty Stone Blatt. It provides the "balls and attitude" proclaimed on its front cover by kicking off with a fiery song by Jakkpot and then continues to provide a similar degree of monstrous rock 'n' roll throughout The range of artists included on this compilation provides an excellent insight into Twenty Stone Blatt, and while it is perhaps unfortunate that this record follows the general compilation rule of not being appealing throughout, there is enough here for most people who like this kind of music to find something that they will enjoy. While remaining within the barriers of rock 'n' roll, a wide range of musical styles can be heard, from pop-punk to rock n' roll in both its truest and most recent forms. Many of the bands that appear on this compilation have also done themselves justice by producing tracks that live up to the nature of the compilation, and, if all this is not enough, there are also nine previously unreleased and new songs which give the listener an indication of the sort of material the bands are working on now Jakkpot, who hail from Baltimore in the United States, supply an aggressive and energetic punk sound with their contribution 'Hit or Miss'. It is vibrant in every way. About its members' lives growing up in a dangerous city, there is strong guitar and drum work and the lead singer has a magnetic, imposing voice. Of all the 23 artists on the CD, Glaswegian pop-punkers Nerve have produced what I believe to be the pinnacle of the collection. Their track 'S.O.S' develops their alternative style and shows them off to be the non-American Green Day. From last year's' 'Swimming With Sharks' EP, it is a wonderful track that, while lyrically calling out for help, equally calls out to be listened to. Nutrajet are also a good addition to the line-up . This Florida based band are in fact a duo, but seep with all the energy and power of a full scale group and, as a result, have a unique edge. 'Up With The Lovely', their contribution, which comes from their debut album 'Nutrajet',is a delight to listen to and has a first-rate sound. The most amusing song on the sampler is 'Talk Dirty To Me' by The Bulemics, which begins with a thirty second phone sex conversation and then becomes a garage punk number which is backed by tuneful guitars. The remaining 19 bands all also offer similar quality material, but to pick any particular song out would be difficult. Dog Toffee, whose name appears quite regularly in the music press, are perhaps the best known of the remaining bands. 'Blattered' is a superb sampler CD, and comes at an excellent price. There are, undoubtedly, areas of it that fail to excite, but overall it does not disappoint and it is very much worth its money.

Track Listing:-
1 Jakkpot : Hit Or Miss
2 Bulemics : Talk Dirty To Me
3 Texas Terri And The Stiff Ones : Holy Ghost
4 Ironboss : Give Me The Rose
5 B Movie Rats : 1000 Miles
6 Dog Toffee : No Contest
7 Bullys : Egomaniac
8 Nutrajet : Up With The Lovely
9 Rocket City Riot : Hypodermic
10 Nerve : SOS
11 Gaxa Strippers : White Hotel
12 Snake Charmers : Universal Shaedown
13 Stiletto Boys : Killing Me
14 Libertine : Slowdown
15 Spitfires : Gotta Go
16 Electric Frankenstein : Porno Girl
17 RC5 : Operation Freakout
18 Pizzle : Monster Meat
19 Muscle Car : You Got It I Want It
20 Space Cowboys : Fire Your Gun
21 Rocket City Riot : Me And My Babys OK
22 Dog Toffee : Tempered Blade
23 Spitfires : Sicko
24 Gold Blade : Who Is The Killa
25 New Town Animals : Warriors Of Gehngis Khan

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