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Various - Bella Union Sampler

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 17 / 12 / 2001

Various - Bella Union Sampler
Label: Bella Union
Format: CD


Bella Union, an independent West London based label, has been running for 4 years now and since it was first established by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde, has attached to its roster several great b

Bella Union, an independent West London based label, has been running for 4 years now and since it was first established by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde, has attached to its roster several great bands with a unique sound and original character. Robin and Simon first appeared on the music scene in 1979 when they formed the Cocteau Twins who stayed together for a whole 18 years and released 9 respectable albums (including the critically acclaimed 'Treasure'). By establishing Bella Union in 1997, they have now moved onto another stage where they can support music of their own taste. The newly released Bella Union Compilation gives you a chance to examine eight of the bands which their label features. First of all enter The Wave Room and take off with their ‘One For The River’. Behind the dreamy music there is just one man, Hamish Mackintosh. Although the lyrics are a little desolate, Mackintosh has given them a sacred touch and eventually they dissolve into the shimmering music. Sparkling piano lightly covers the background to the second track as, to the accompaniment of vocals, Departure Lounge presents ‘Straight Line To The Curb’ . The uneasiness captured in the lyric is soothed away by peaceful music, and as quietly the song appears it evaporates and closes. Gwei-lo come up next with an instrumental adventure 'Cellsong'. This tune's ingeniously played guitars seem to be rebelling against the steadily set drums as they impulsively speed a whole mystical experience up and down. Gwei-lo, despite having no vocals blended in, definitely have a few drops of My Bloody Valentine’s blood circulating in their music. Keeping faith with the compilation's slow rhythm style, Violent Indiana performs ‘Liar’. The song is slightly reminiscent of The Wave Room with its echoing music and its singer’s frail voice which is caught in a moment of a bitter resentment. ‘I Really Should Have Gone Out Last Night’ by Dirty Three, a three piece band from Australia, will completely disarm you of all your self-defences with its sophisticated instrumental creativity. A violin, which is drawn from the centre of the music, dives out to expose its dense textured voice, while an unpredictable guitar jingles around and seemingly tired drums walk alongside it to finalise and complete the song which sounds overwhelmingly relieving. The Dirty Three produce such vulnerable music full of emotions that it seems to originate from your own soul. On the sixth track, The Czars bring you down with the innocent and open ‘Get Used To It’. As the title suggests, the song is about acceptance and giving up and it radiates with an understanding that is widened by kind-hearted guitar and forceful drumming. ‘Get Used To It’ takes full advantage of its simplicity to artfully emphasise contained feelings. ‘Si Ti Disais’ by Francoiz Breutis is outstanding, not only for its French lyric but also for the clear sound of a guitar and its smartly played violin. Storming guitars with firmly rooted drums strike up right at the beginning of the last track in which Lift To Experience are ‘Falling From Cloud 9’ and then unexpectedly fades away for the vocals to be heard. The song combines together an alternating process of serenity and musically emotional explosion. All in all, this Bella Union compilation CD shows off 8 of its label mates in their purest colours and in a shade unique to each of them. As a sweet extra treat, this CD is enhanced as well with a quicktime movie! I believe that this album will be able to satisfy many music tastes

Track Listing:-
1 Wave Room : On For The River
2 Departure Lounge : Straight Line To The Curb
3 Gwei Lo : Cellsong
4 Violent Indiana : Liar
5 Dirty Three : I Really Should Have Gone Out
6 Czars : Get Used To It
7 Francoiz Breut : Si Ti Disais
8 Lift To Experience : Falling From Cloud 9

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