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Ian M Bailey - We Live in Strange Times

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 8 / 3 / 2024

Ian M Bailey - We Live in Strange Times
Label: Kool Kat Musik
Format: CD


Spellbinding and highly original new album from British singer-songwriter Ian M Bailey

We may indeed be living in strange times, but the extraordinary talent of of songmeister Ian M Bailey gives us a fresh hope that a sense of normality maybe around the corner. Here he has partnered up again with Daniel Wylie to deliver more Bailey-esque magic in abundance. The quality of the song-writing, musicality and production is simply ridiculous. Bailey sets an incredible high bar, which he manages to clear with ease the vast majority of time. But more of that a little later. The first three songs are pure Bailey: 'The Last Chime', 'It’s Summer Rain' and 'Mother Nature (Giving Out Signs)' exude a Byrds-esque confidence drenched in a Californian sun. The ethereal vocals fuse lyrical content together, so we get the feeling, perhaps not the specifics of any message. This however changes with 'The Clock Is Ticking', where the message is very specific, perhaps overtly so. And this results in a jolt to this listener, as he always takes us to a different realm, where things are much better, where life is better, and optimism abounds. This is followed by 'She Waltzes With The Devil', which could easily have served as incidental music for 'The Man From Uncle'. And the spell is, for a time, broken by these two tracks. However, Bailey is soon back on form. 'Dance Around The Room' has a nursery rhyme quality to it, 'Pray For Me' has a sad subject matter but is majestic, and 'Californian Desert Sundown' shimmers in its own brilliance, and perhaps one of his best songs. A major part of the song-writing brilliance is that the compositions sound familiar, but not in a Noel Gallagher way. Bailey and Wylie work within their chosen musical oeuvres with a mastery that reinforces their originality. 'Country Girl' is another strong composition, which paves the way to perhaps my favourite track on the album - The Moon Floats On A Cloud'. Everything about this song is exquisite: the finger-picking, the intimate vocal delivery, the arrangement. Close your eyes and Bailey is with you, so close that it seems he is singing this song just for you. Here, he evokes the spirit of Jackson C Frank, which is the highest praise I can give. The song is addictive, and you will probably find yourself playing it again and again, cocooned in its emotional warmth. I never tire of listening to Ian M Bailey, never tire of writing about him and his music. If you are a fan, you know what I am talking about. If not, listen to this album. And you will totally get it. Song-writing to transcend the times we live in.

Track Listing:-
1 The Last Chime
2 It's Summer Rain
3 Mother Nature (Giving Out Signs)
4 The Clock Is Ticking
5 She Waltzes With The Devil
6 Dance Around The Room
7 Pray For Me
8 California Desert Sundown
9 The Sweet Smell Of Roses
10 We Live In Strange Times
11 Country Girl
12 The Moon Floats On A Cloud

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