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Dave Stewart - Ebony McQueen

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 21 / 6 / 2022

Dave Stewart - Ebony McQueen
Label: Bay Street Records
Format: CD Box


Versatile and semi-autobiographical new album from former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart will be 70 in September. But the former Eurythmics member still seems to have all the energy and enthusiasm of a teenager! He recently produced Joss Stone's highly acclaimed comeback album 'Never Forget My Love' and he has co-written (again with Joss Stone) the music for a forthcoming West End adaptation of 'The Time Traveller's Wife'. He is also about to be inducted (along with fellow ex-Eurythmic Annie Lennox) into America's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On top of all this, Stewart is also releasing a new semi-autobiographical solo album, 'Ebony McQueen' which he hopes eventually to turn into a film. As Stewart explains, the album is set in his hometown of Sunderland (which he mentions is also the birthplace of Lauren Laverne, the 44 year-old BBC presenter who he much admires!). It tells the story of a teenage boy who is visited by an imaginary blues queen. The record's short, sharp brilliantly crafted songs examine the teen's musical loves, from the blues to The Beatles – and his dreams of moving to London. There are 23 tracks plus strings by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and the whole album is quite a theatrical production! But Stewart, ever the master-craftsman of song-writing, always combines decent melodies with heartfelt words. The title track is an affectionate salute to The Fab Four who Stewart says were probably his biggest inspiration. 'Things Will Never Be The Same' hints at 'Revolver'-style mid-sixties psychedelia. But there are also accomplished detours into New Orleans jazz as well as acknowledgements of Stewart's early years when he was learning his craft, playing in Wearside's folk clubs. 'Ebony McQueen”' is available digitally and as a five disc, two-cassette box set (for £107). It is original and distinctive and idiosyncratic - yet further affirmation of the wide-ranging skills of one of UK rock's enduring talents.

Track Listing:-
1 Quaalude Prelude
2 Ebony Mcqueen
3 When You're Feeling Down
4 She Knows My Name
5 As You Like It
6 Walking on Blue
7 People Change
8 Unhappy Town
9 Things Will Never Be the Same (Without You)
10 Mr. Jolly
11 There's Got to Be a Devil
12 Walking on Thin Air
13 Ebony Says
14 Daddy's Got the Blues
15 One Morning
16 Baby Did It Blow Our Minds
17 Sunshine
18 Juniper
19 Baby It's You
20 Waiting for the Rain
21 What's the Fucking Point
22 Two Kids
23 Jackie Where You Been
24 Dream On
25 Ebony Dream
26 Loada Coda

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