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Spidergawd - VI

  by Julie Cruickshank

published: 18 / 1 / 2022

Spidergawd - VI
Label: Crispin Glover Records
Format: CD


Outstanding sixth album from Norwegian heavy metal band Spidergawd

Spidergawd, a rock band hailing from Trondheim in Norway, have released their sixth album, appropriately titled ‘VI’, the latin numeral for 6. Formed in 2013, Spidergawd have explored various rock music genres such as psychedelia, garage and the blues, before arriving at the crossroads of classic heavy metal, where it becomes clear they have found enlightenment. The opening track, ‘Oceanchild’, channels Iron Maiden, especially through its exuberant drum patterns. The NWOBHM theme continues with second track ‘At Rainbow’s End’ (“I know your name is going to be different/Your colours will be brand new”), which is notable for a tremendous guitar solo and yearning vocals. ‘The Running Man’ takes us into Deep Purple territory, coming closer to hard rock with high-energy drumming, anthemic vocals and crunching guitar. ‘Into the Deep Serene’ comprises glorious galloping bass and twin guitar attacks. ‘Prototype Design’ and ‘Yours Truly’ are both true slices of classic heavy metal, the latter being especially enjoyable as roaring soaring vocals meld with chiming guitars. ‘Narcissus’ Eye’ is a striding, brooding track, the highlight of the album. Final track ‘Morning Star’ is a straightforward no-nonsense rocker which brings the album to a satisfying close. Spidergawd are Per Borten on guitar and vocals, Brynjar Takle Ohr on co-lead guitar, drummer Kenneth Kapstad, Hallvard Gaardlos on bass and vocals and saxophonist Rolf Martin Snustad. ‘VI’ was written and produced by Spidergawd, and recorded and mixed in Soergarden Studios in Ler, south of Trondheim. The band have since 2013 garnered a loyal following which must only increase with the release of this admirable new album.

Track Listing:-
1 Oceanchild
2 At Rainbows End
3 Running Man
4 Into The Deep Serene
5 Prototype Design
6 Yours Truly
7 Narcissus' Eye
8 Morning Star

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