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Ted Barnes - 17 Postcards

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 7 / 4 / 2021

Ted Barnes - 17 Postcards
Label: Mornington Records
Format: CD


Cinematic and richly rewarding solo album from Beth Orton guitarist and composer Ted Barnes

If Ted Barnes was in a line up of his fellow men, and it was announced would those who consider themselves to be a 'Renaissance Man', I say, it would be everybody’s duty - except Ted Barnes - to step backwards. For Mr Barnes is a supreme example of a man supremely efficient in a wide range of fields. Just consult his website and take a trip through his working life, steeped in music and the visual arts. His work with Beth Orton is well documented, but his forays into theatre and film music probably less so. And anyone remotely connected to the superb 'Dead Man's Shoes' always gets a nod of approval from your truly. With an array of musical confidantes to realise his creative purposes, Barnes delivers an atmospheric series of compositions, beautifully nuanced that certainly draws on his filmic experiences. It is very much a 'Producers album', where the sonic jigsaw pieces are crafted into a satisfying soundstage in order to deliver the artistic vision. By turns melancholic, introspective, naive and even child-like, Ted Barnes through the use of songs and instrumental pieces revisits events that have been pivotal to his life, one being the passing of his long time friend and collaborator Gavin Clark. '17 Postcards' gives up seventeen songs in 54 minutes. It is amazing how much artistic richness can be delivered in less than an hour. But it will be an hour wisely spent, and once you will never wish to get back

Track Listing:-
1 For Rose
2 Way Beyond This - featuring Michael Clark
3 Absence
4 Over The Fence
5 Fountain Falls
6 Arrangements - featuring Sarah Johns Music Party
7 A Change of Heart
8 Bath Time
9 Hunker Down
10 Line Them Up, Knock Them Down
11 Metal Man - featuring Kristin McClement
12 One Long Day
13 Julia's Ascent
14 Shelley's Boats
15 The Winking Eye of Jesus
16 The Buck Stops
17 In The Aftermath

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