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Michael J Sheehy - Distance is the Soul of Gravity

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 14 / 2 / 2021

Michael J Sheehy - Distance is the Soul of Gravity
Label: Lightning Archive
Format: CD


Sublime and understated but also emotionally rich first album in ten years from Michael J Sheehy

As the press release goes, this is the first album that Michael J Sheehy has released in over 10 years, and it is certainly been worth the wait. Even more so if you are a musical acolyte of is. Light years away from his previous creative output, this album is ten beautiful tracks that display the author’s powers of song-smithery. We open with ‘Tread Gently, Leave No Scar’, which with its simple guitar motif acts as a modern day lullaby, with Sheehy displaying his talent for understated, but beautiful vocal delivery. By comparison, the next track, ‘Bless Your Gentle Soul’ is upbeat by comparison, but with lovely hooks and artful chord changes that keep the song lodged in the mind. But that’s about as upbeat as it gets. On the whole, Sheehy has presented us with a sublime collection of songs, understated and rich in emotional resonance. With a minimal production ethos, so much rides on the quality of the vocal to communicate emotional intensity, and this is where Sheehy is at his most powerful. Examples to check out are ‘Turn Back For Home’ and ‘Judas Hour’. It’s like he is sitting next to you; the intimacy is palpable. The album closes with ‘Everything That Rises Must Converge’, the drum machine laying down a simple pattern in stark comparison to the atmospherics of beauty that float, gossamer style, above his vocal. A magnificent way to end this confessional, musical experience. First album in ten years, and, as Sheehy informs us, nine years sober. ‘Distance Is the Soul Of Beauty’ is a majestic testament to temperance and the emotional insights it can bring. Welcome back Michael J Sheehy. My album of the year.

Track Listing:-
1 Tread gently, leave no scar
2 Bless you gentle soul
3 We laugh more than we cry
4 Turn back for home
5 The girl who disappeared
6 I have to live this way
7 Blue latitudes and starless skies
8 Judas hour
9 Blackout of arrows
10 Blackout of arrows

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