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Hanging Stars - Over the Silvery Lake

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 25 / 3 / 2016

Hanging Stars - Over the Silvery Lake
Label: Great Pop Supplement
Format: CD


Fine debut album from London-based collective the Hanging Stars, the latest group of Richard Olson from the Eighteenth Day of May and the See See

Richard Olson has been a busy chap, firstly fronting folk/rock quartet with the Eighteenth Day of May before moving on to create psychedelic sounds with the See See. The Hanging Stars are a collective, which once again fronted by Richard, are based in London, but like his other past bands, the music that they produce sounds more in the vein of the 1960's folk/rock explosion mixed with the sunny sounds of golden 'California Dreaming'. 'Over the Silvery Lake' lets you drift off to another time and place, and it is one of the more refreshing albums I have heard in a while. 'Floodbound', which opens it, is full of country charm and instantly chilled me to the bone (albeit in a good way). 'Cure Your Ills' is a punky, rockabilly-styled folk/rock number. Think Love's 'Forever Changes' on a smaller budget. 'I'm No Good Without You' has you swaying in no time, and sounds like the country twang of the Byrds fronted by the La's Lee Mavers. It is desperately sad, led by guitar and a bass line that haunts the loneliness of a broken heart. 'Golden Vanity' is much more psychedelic with catchy hooks that sparkle very brightly. 'Rainmaker, Sunseeker' is oddball, a short instrumental that is reminiscent of the Incredible String Band in its exoticism. 'The House on the Hill' is a beat infusion of Californian R'n'B, circa 1965-66. 'Ruby Red' jangles perfectly, with fresh country breeze, while 'She Never Sleeps' is a swaggering and charming fun time number. 'The Hanging Stars' is the most country-influenced song here, an instrumental that glides with steel guitar that bleeds sorrow all over it, while 'Hang Me High' is another smooth number to ease the troubles of the day away. I think they leave the best two tracks to the last. 'Crippled Shining Blue' is like little rays of sunshine trying to chase the cold winds of early spring away, while closer 'Running Waters Wide' is full of spooky atmosphere, effortlessly capturing the sounds of early Crosby, Stills and Nash and the Eagles without breaking into a sweat. A total joy from start to finish.

Track Listing:-
1 Floodbound
2 Cure Your Ills
3 I'm No Good Without You
4 For a While
5 Golden Vanity
6 Rainmaker, Sunseeker
7 The House on the Hill
8 Ruby Red
9 She Never Sleeps
10 The Hanging Stars
11 Hang Me High
12 Crippled Shining Blues
13 Running Waters Wide

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