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Wayne Hussey - Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 14 / 11 / 2014

Wayne Hussey - Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades
Label: Eyes Wide Shut Recordings
Format: CD


Innovative and unpredictable second solo album from Wayne Hussey, the frontman with Gothic band, the Mission

Over many years now Wayne Hussey's output has remained solid as he has made his group, the Mission, one of the biggest Goth bands in the world. Prior to making his mark as a vocalist with the Mission, he was in the equally influential Goth band, the Sisters Of Mercy, playing guitar on their first and best album, 'First and Last and Always'. Before then as well he spent time in a pre-fame Dead or Alive before their hits came along. You would probably think that he was busy enough with the Mission, but he has also just released as well his second solo album, 'Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades'. It is a first-rate, solid piece of work, which shows both his craftsmanship and agility as a songwriter. It has been supported by his fans as it is a PledgeMusic-funded album. 'Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades' is a dark, smoky affair, recalling the 4AD work of Scott Walker, and opens with 'Madam G', which has a 1940's jazzy back room bar feel to. Think Brel at his most lonesome, smooth and elegant, with the most minimal of backing. 'Nothing Left Between Us', the next track, sounds quite upbeat in comparison, but musically and lyrically it is a heartbreaker. While Hussey's singing is restrained, it finds different qualities in his vocal range. 'JK Angel of Death (1928-2011)' is a tribute. Almost European in its roots, it has some strong acoustic guitar which, merged with a distorted style vocal, is far removed from the Goth anthem that we might have expected from Hussey. 'Swan Song (Lament)' is again very beautiful, soft with a mature vocal that suits Hussey well. 'You Are Not Alone' is the first electric number and song to feature a band. 'Wasting Away (Reprise)' sounds like a hymn, and has a gospel vibe that works in its favour. 'The Bouquets and the Bows' is piano-based with a vocal as tender as walking on broken glass. 'Wither on the Vine' is jangly with a strong element of the Mission, while 'No Earthly Cure' is a swooning, old-fashioned number. 'Til the End of Time' features a banjo, and is a toe-tapping folk number. 'Devil's Kind' is a funky track with a 1970's Bowie sound. 'When I Drift Too Far from Shore' is as sad as sad can get, like Scott Walker as his finest, beautifully paced and will break your heart. 'Next Station' is lonesome, with sparse piano and the sound of wet rain to add to add to tis melancholy. 'Aporia', the last track, is a story-based piece, backed by organ, and beats, closing an album of immense beauty.

Track Listing:-
1 Madam G
2 Nothing Left Between Us
3 Jk Angel of Death (1928-2011)
4 Swan Song (Lament)
5 You Are Not Alone
6 Wasting Away (Reprise)
7 The Bouquets & the Bows
8 Wither on the Vine
9 No Earthly Cure
10 'Til the End of Time
11 Devil's Kind
12 When I Drift Too Far from Shore
13 Next Station
14 Aporia
15 Madam G (Instrumental)
16 Nothing Left Between Us (Instrumenta
17 Jk Angel of Death (1928-2011) (Instru
18 Swan Song (Lament) [Instrumental]
19 You Are Not Alone (Instrumental)
20 Wasting Away (Reprise) (Instrumental)
21 The Bouquet & the Bows (Instrumental
22 Wither on the Vine (Instrumental)
23 No Earthly Cure (Instrumental)
24 'Til the End of Time (Instrumental)
25 Devil's Kind (Instrumental)
26 When I Drift Too Far from Shore (Instr
27 Next Station (Instrumental)
28 Aporia (Instrumental)

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