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Portico Quartet - Live/Remix

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 30 / 4 / 2013

Portico Quartet - Live/Remix
Label: Real World Records
Format: CD


Flawed, but often courageous and adventurous live CD, which comes with an extra album of remixes, from chamber group, Portico Quartet

For those who, like I, have missed out on Portico Quartet before, this double CD does wonders at refreshing vague memories. The live CD sums up some of the highlights of recent tours, which leave no doubts about the quartet's ability to perform on stage, and their intrinsic beauties. The crowd’s applause has been mixed down which very much adds to the perception of an album recorded in front of an unsuspecting and live audience. The quartet breezily stands tall though. The minimal chamber music gives room to each member, and on several occasions the quartet reaches great heights. Their mesmerizing minimal electronica without effort steps into new territories. Yet, '4096 Colours' - that's computer coding for digibetics - receives a slightly hostile boo-off from the audience at that concert. Portico Quartet are quite courageous, but in all honesty, not all the gigs and performances here are particularly magical. Far more adventurous fun can be had with the remix CD in this package. Usually expected to be the crap of the crop, by mysterious circumstance, the Portico Quartet have rewarded with remixes that have brought complete unknowns to the spotlight. Undeserved or not; LV, DV As Hi:Emotions, and the rustic calm of Luke Abbott fully deserve honourable mentions here. Wish-washy new age time consumption of the highest order though, the first priority on Portico Quartet's list should be leaving the Real World label, home to world music parking lot muzak.

Track Listing:-
1 Window Seat
2 City Of Glass
3 Rubidium
4 Ruins
5 Clipper
6 4096 Colours
7 Laker Boo
8 Steepless Ft Cornelia
9 Dawn Patrol
10 Dawn Patrol Alt Ending
11 Window Seat (Will Ward Remix)
12 Line (SBTRKT Remix)
13 Rubidium (Luke Abbot Remix)
14 Laker Boo (DVAs Hi:Emotions Remix)
15 City Of Glass (LV Remix)
16 Steepless Ft Cornelia (Capac Remix)
17 4096 Colours (Konx-om-Pax Remix)
18 Laker Boo (Luca Lozano Black & White Remix)
19 Steepless Ft Cornelia (PQ Edit)

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