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Madison Violet - The Good in Goodbye

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 27 / 1 / 2012

Madison Violet - The Good in Goodbye
Label: True North Records
Format: CD


Outstanding blend of country, folk and pop on latest album from harmonic Canadian duo, Madison Violet

Canadian duo Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac follow up their critically acclaimed 2009 album, ‘No Fool For Trying’, with another collection of easy-on the-ear pop infused folk/country that is every bit as appealing as that breakthrough album. The duo have been active on the music scene for some time now, their first recordings were released as far back as 2004, and while they have never really drifted too far from the sound they captured on their early albums they always manage to keep things fresh and real. Vocally MacEachern and MacIsaac blend effortlessly together, so much so that one tends to listen to the heavenly sound that the duo produce when singing together as one voice. Listen to the closing minute of ‘Stuck In A Love’ and their voices interlacing perfectly together, creating the main reason why this duo has built up such a strong following over the years. That particular song recalls one of the highlights on ‘No Fool For Trying’, namely ‘Small of My Heart’. Their voices sound as though they are going to crack any second. Such is the emotion pouring out of both singers. But while both girls are exceptional singers and really are a couple of the best in their chosen genre, it’s also their songwriting that shines through. Years of perfecting their sound on the road have also obviously given the duo the time and space to hone their songwriting abilities. This is proven by the fact that the most (only in fact) up-tempo song here is the only non-original on ‘The Good in Goodbye’. ‘Cindy, Cindy’ is a traditional song arranged by the duo, and while many may feel it lifts the mood of the album for a few minutes, thereby adding some light relief, what it does actually achieve is to disrupt the flow of the album slightly. It also goes some way to showing just how strong MacEachern and MacIsaac are as songwriters as their own compositions tower over this cover. That said, their performance and arrangement of the song just can’t be faulted. The instrumentation and vocals are, as always, superb and roping in Wailin’ Jenny member Ruth Moody on backing vocals was an inspired move. Maybe the co-write with Ron Sexsmith on ‘Fallen by the Wayside’ is even more telling of the much deserved respect this duo commands from their contemporaries. Sometimes albums are just so perfect, so complete and sound so right that it’s difficult to explain just how special the music actually is. Madison Violet are making the same kind of music as many, many other female singer/songwriters, a beautiful blend of country, folk, pop and more than a sprinkling of whatever it is that makes the best music so very special. Where this duo win over the others is that not only are their voices a match made in heaven, but they also have the songs to showcase this. Madison Violet has one more thing that makes their music stand out and that’s the ability to make you believe. There’s not a line here that won’t set you thinking, that won’t affect you in some way. It might well be a cliché these days, but these girls are keeping it real and combined with those outstanding vocals and stunning melodies it’s that which makes ‘The Good In Goodbye’ so very special. It’s not so often that a complete album gets transferred to my iPod these days, but each and every one of these eleven songs is heading that way. This is one album that will still be played at the close of the year. It’s perfect in every way.

Track Listing:-
1 If I Could Love You
2 Home
3 Goin' Away
4 Stuck In A Love
5 Fallen by the Wayside
6 The Good In Goodbye
7 Come As You Are
8 Colour In Grey
9 Emily
10 Cindy Cindy
11 Christy Ellen Francis

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