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Hhymn - In the Depths

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 9 / 1 / 2012

Hhymn - In the Depths
Label: Denizen
Format: CD


Melancholic and gentle late 60's and early 70's folk from Nottingham-based band Hhymn, the new band of former Palace Fires front man, Ed Bannard

Hhymn hail from Nottingham, and are fronted by Ed Bannard who was the front man with Palace Fires. Hhymn are his new band, in which Ed is assisted by Simon Ritchie (guitars and keyboards), who co-wrote the album with him except for one track which was solely written by Ed. The other members are Amy Heliwell (trumpet, melodica, glockenspiel), William Jeffrey (bass and mandolin) and Michael Wynne (drums). 'In the Depth' is their debut album. Ed's vocal is very commanding throughout and gives the album an extra depth. It opens with 'These Hands', which is as gentle and as graceful as Nick Drake with its softly played guitar. Ed's vocal is as smooth as honey, while Amy's trumpets give it a Christmas feel. 'Not Before I Go' could have come from the golden age of folk of the late 60's and early 70's. It is absolutely stunning. with some cello giving it an extra sadness. 'Light of the Moon' is the track which was written by Ed only and is a sci-fi folk number, with silky vocals and backing has you swaying along in no time. 'Girl of Mine' has a cool swagger to it and a rhythm which is both gentle and kind. It is a song to fall definitely in love with. 'Papertrail' is a soul searching, melancholic number that starts gently and picks up pace. 'Wolves' is a soft lullaby that is as gentle as warm rain. Ed's vocal on 'Land of Souls' completely washes over you, while Amy's trumpets add to its sweetness. 'Behind the Sun' has a faster pace, while Simon's funky organ gives it a late 60's feel. 'Amanita' has a soft laidback feel, and a lush orchestral and cinematic sound. 'Slow Life' is a slow-paced number that is full of calm, and 'On My Mind', which is the fastest track on the record and has a smooth driving pace to it, closes ‘In the Depths’, ending a fine and gentle album that deserves more ears to go in its direction.

Track Listing:-
1 These Hands
2 Not Before I Go
3 Light Of The Moon
4 Girl Of Mine
5 Papertail
6 Wolves
7 Land Of Souls
8 Behind The Sun
9 Amanita
10 Slow Life
11 On My Mind

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