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Phil Wilson - God Bless Jim Kennedy

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 2 / 10 / 2010

Phil Wilson - God Bless Jim Kennedy
Label: Yes Boy Ice Cream
Format: CD


Infectious and completely compelling indie pop on fiery debut album from former June Brides front man, Phil Wilson

Former June Brides front man Phil Wilson is a national treasure. Originally from London, he is now based in Devon and 'God Bless Jim Kennedy' is his first ever solo album. It has only taken him since 1986 when the June Brides split to deliver this, but what a corker it is. This is as strong as anything by his former group. 'Three Days' opens the work. It a very fast-based number with banjo and trumpet added to the mix to make it that little bit more infectious. 'Found a Friend' is a gentle rocker with a great C-86 sound. 'God Bless Jim Kennedy' would have even the most tone deaf of people bopping away in no time. It is actually a song about Phil's grandpa who died at an early age. 'Up to London' is furious and fast. This sounds it should be played live a small venue or the back of a bar. It sounds completely raw and is reminscent of Phil's fellow 80's act, the Weather Prophets. 'Always in Trouble' recalls an elegant Orange Juice, but is much more cinematic. 'The Sum Of' is reminiscent of a slower version of Love, but becomes more psychedelic as it progresses. 'Pop song#32'is a gentle rocker, full of hot summer rays. 'Give Me Consolation' is like something which might have appeared on Creation Records, but better thought out and again cinematic. 'Small Town' is fast, furious indie pop, pint-spilling stuff. 'I Own It' is again footapping brilliance from the start to its final end. This is one cool album indeed.

Track Listing:-
1 Three Days
2 Found A Friend
3 God Bless Jim Kennedy
4 Up To London
5 Always In Trouble
6 The Sum Of
7 Pop Song #32
8 Give Me Consolation
9 Small Town
10 I Own It

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