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Dead Confederate - Sugar

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 15 / 9 / 2010

Dead Confederate - Sugar
Label: Kartel Records
Format: CD


Traditional-sounding southern rock on second album from Athens, Georgia-based five-piece, Dead Confederate

'Sugar' is grunge pop with a twist from the five-piece Dead Confederate, who come from the infamous music scene of Athens, Georgia. It was recorded during the heavy snowfall in Garden State, New Jersey. Whether the heaps of snow suffocated the studio is not known, yet this is a thick but tight southern rock sound. 'Sugar' is a traditional album; two sides of five tracks all on one CD. Those two sequences build good tension. Upfront rock to kick off, followed by rumbling mayhem plus moments of introspection. The album includes a fair number of good tracks but these do not all come straight at the beginning. Dead Confederate have developed throughout the course of recording 'Sugar' . Restricted to ten tracks, there is no place for fillers. 6/10 and that's quite good, since this is predominantly standard adult orientated indie rock. Perhaps the snowfall mention put me on the wrong foot but the 'Sugar' certainly sounds like a get together of musicians warming up. It is not as catchy as REM or Pearl Jam, yet however 'Sugar' shows signs of such commercial appeal. 'In The Dark', 'By Design' and 'Sugar' will do the job for Mr or Mrs Selecta. B+ playlist material.

Track Listing:-
1 In The Dark
2 Run From The Gun
3 Father Figure
4 Quiet Kid
5 By Design
6 Mob Scene
7 Semi-Thought
8 Giving It All Away
9 Sugar
10 Shocked To Realize

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