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Misterlee - This Disquiet Dog

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 31 / 3 / 2010

Misterlee - This Disquiet Dog
Label: Rubber Czech Records
Format: CD


Oddball, but effective and gripping third album from Leicester-based experimental act, Misterlee

Is this beat poetry? Is it fonejacker? Is it shouted lyrics (the opening seeming to be about someone thinking they were Adolf Hitler in a past life) over rolling drums and discordant guitar? I am not sure, but this third album from Misterlee opens with a sonic boom. The poetry/spoken lyrical delivery continues, but track two is more sinister and at the same time more accessible. I couldn't find the track listing but actually it ceased to matter because what I thought was going to be a painful hour of my life rapidly became enjoyable as I dispensed with any pre-conceptions of what this album 'should' be. Suddenly the lack of press release accompanying it seemed less oversight and more intentional. The lyrics of songwriter Lee Allaston are clever and tongue in cheek. If I was a less principled music reviewer I might suggest that this music would be best enjoyed whilst smoking a herbal cigarette. As it is I will suggest you lay in a dark room and listen to 'This Disquiet Dog' through headphones to catch all the little nuances and if you can then come up with a better description of this album drop me a line. Otherwise I will assume you are lying somewhere laughing to yourself in a slightly confused but happy state.

Track Listing:-
1 Adolf Hitler
2 Stags of Schipol
3 We're Alive Here
4 Stay Down Luke
5 The Easy Apple
6 Don't Kill Anyone Today
7 Escaping
8 Bottle Up

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