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One Little Plane - Until

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 3 / 6 / 2008

One Little Plane - Until
Label: Text Records
Format: CD


Intoxicatingly tuneful and seductively easy-on-the-ear debut album from One Little Plane, the project of Chicago-born but now London-based singer-songwriter, Kathryn Bint

Yep, we thought that too. Presented with an album of simple, confessional ditties, performed by a woman with a voice as sweet and childlike as a five-year-old in a party dress, teetering around in her mum’s new Jimmy Choos… well, naturally, anyone’s temptation would be to Frisbee it across the room, unlistened-to. Wrong. Decision. That’s because throughout debut album ‘Until’, Kathryn ‘One Little Plane’ Bint has cleverly opted to declare her love and grind her axes Gnarls Barkley-style. Which means doing it like ‘Crazy’: keeping things simple (choppily strummed or gently plucked acoustic guitar, bits and bobs of shuffling percussion, wisps of melodica), and intoxicatingly tuneful. This is an album as gentle as the summer breeze due to be tickling your toes just about now (well, if your rat race wages or student loan can get you out to the Mediterranean/Caribbean/anywhere but here). But you know what people are like, and there’s bound to be some curmudgeon bandying the words ‘wishy-washy’ within earshot and ruining it all for you. Our advice? Plonk them in front of iTunes, key in ‘PJ Harvey, 4-Track Demos’ and leave them to it. There’s a hammock with your name on it, out in the sun.

Track Listing:-
1 Rise
2 Nobody out There
3 Make of Me
4 Sunshine Kid
5 Until
6 Summer Stream
7 Lotus Flower
8 The Snails Are out Tonight
9 Take Me Home
10 Long Time Ago
11 She Waits

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